Frequently Asked Questions


These are some of the frequently asked questions.

1. How do I activate my Card?
Upon receipt of your PRIVILEGE CARD, you are required to activate the card before it becomes functional. To activate, simply log in to your account through the MEMBER PORTAL using your Username & Password. Upon opening of the account, scroll down and select the ACTIVATE CARD button.

2. How do I use my Privilege Card at a Partner Outlet?
Simply present your card at the point of payment. The Partner will check your Card validity. Partner will debit the total service amount from your wallet. At this point your partner will request an OTP (One Time Password) which will be sent to your phone as a means of authorizing the debit.

3. How do I earn money from XCEL BUSINESS CLUB?
You can earn money on this platform as a Member of XCEL Business Club in three ways:
1. You earn passive income through our unique affiliate system which works on a referral based commissions. Upon registration, you earn from up to 4 levels of commission for any referral made.

2. You earn Discounts from our Partner-Outlets, like Hotels, Airlines, Shops, Restaurants etc.

3. You earn Discount for Buying Airtime & Data, paying Cable TV Subscription & paying

Electricity Bills for yourself and others on our Mobile App (This is a complete business you can embark on, recharging and paying Utility bills for others)

4. How do I Sign up an account?
- Download our Mobile App - XCEL BUSINESS CLUB from your preferred Appstore.
- Launch the Mobile App and select the MEMBER PORTAL for Member Sign up and

PARTNER PORTAL for Partner Sign up
- Select Sign up for a New Account, fill the form and upload your profile picture for Members, and your company logo for Partners, then select the Sign Up button.

- You will then be notified that your account has been successfully created and you will be directed appropriately.

- Thereafter, you will have access to your Dashboard and can fund your wallet from where you pay for services rendered by our Partner-Outlets and earn your commissions.

5. What are my benefits as a Member
Members earn varying discounts from all our Partner-Outfits.

Members are also entitled to discount when they use our Mobile App to recharge their phones, buy Data and pay other utility bills for themselves & others. Members are entitled to passive income from any new member they introduce to the club and earn referral bonus from up to the 4th generation of their referral.