Earn With
XCEL Business Club

You can earn money on this platform as a Member of XCEL BUSINESS CLUB in three ways

1. Affiliate System

You earn passive income through our unique affiliate system which works on a referral based commissions. Upon registration, you earn from up to 4 levels of commission for any referral made.

Below is a chart on the residual income flow from your first referral down to the 4th level of commission.

2. Partner Outlet Discounts

You earn Discounts from our Partner-Outlets, like Hotels, Airlines, Shops, Restaurants etc.

3. Data, Airtime & Utilities Payment

You earn Discounts for buying Airtime & Data, paying Cable TV Subscription & paying Electicity Bills for yourself and others on our Mobile App (This is a complete business you can embark on, reharging and paying Utility bills for others while earning discounts)